Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anna, The Reflective Listener

So, my little girl, age 3, knocks my socks off on a regular basis. I mean, she's just incredible as a rule...but today, I couldn't believe how amazing she was.

Yesterday, we found out that neither I or my husband had been selected for promotion at work. There were 6 promotions -- we both felt (as did most of our co-workers) that I was a sure thing for one of them. We thought he had an outside chance, as well.

I took the news rather well -- my heart hasn't been in that job since I gave birth to Anna and I sort of embrace this latest slap in the face as motivation to get moving, fast, on getting a job as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I've always been drawn to the medical field and to work in an allied health capacity like that seems like the perfect fit for me.
Bryan was and continues to be livid, just raging mad (not about him, about me -- he feels like I was wronged beyond belief).

Anyway, this morning, I offered to drive Anna to school because I wasn't hungry for breakfast anyway -- Bryan and I are both just sick trying to process all of this information and make big life decisions. When we got in the car, the conversation went like this:

Anna: Mamma, how come you're not hungry today?

Me: Well, sweetie, some bad things happened at work yesterday and I'm not very happy about them.

Anna: Are you angry and sad?

Me: Yes, baby, I'm feeling angry and sad.

Anna: What happened?

Me: They were picking some people to be special leaders at work, and they didn't pick me or daddy, so we feel hurt.

Anna: Were they mean?

Me: Yes, I guess they were mean.

Anna: Mom, just *deal* with it! (undoubtedly a reflection of what we say to her on a regular basis!)

Me: (holding back a laugh) I am, sweetie. I have a lot of other things to be happy about.
Anna: (sighs) So, do you want to talk about this?

Me: (still trying not to laugh) Sure, baby. Let's talk about it.

Anna: OK. So. They picked special leaders at work, and they were mean and didn't pick you or daddy, so you are feeling angry and sad and hurt. Is that right?

My daughter, the reflective listener, gave me a world of perspective this morning. We're doing something very, very right.

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