Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anna's Birthday List

Anna learned how to write last year in kindergarten (yes her teacher was amazing).  Over the summer, she wrote on every piece of paper she could get her hands on.  In a little memo pad, she wrote her "birthday list" for her 6th birthday, which was still 5 months away.  Here's what it said (spellings hers, her capitalizations were a bit more erratic):

Annas Birthday

A Donne Doll
Winnie the Pooh toy
an automatic Dora casle
roller scates
scate boarte
club house
Baby doll house
German ear ring book
Doctor house
Marie Doll

(new page)
Annas Birthday

music book
crouwn clock
christmas tree

I think she had some help from Janet, our German au pair, with the spellings.  The wish list, though, was definitely all Anna!


  1. What are a German ear ring book and a crouwn clock? :) What a funny list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have no clue about the "ear ring book" but I think she wants a clock that has a crown on it! :)